Epicor Case Study

How Epicor increased its attainment by 115% in one year

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Last year, Epicor’s business development leaders kicked off a project to modernize their organization. They wanted to build a repeatable revenue machine, but at the time, couldn’t clearly measure performance. They were also dealing with a broken funnel and were trying to figure out which levers they could press to create some predictability in the business.

It was a challenge. They partnered with us to see how we could help them get more aligned with their target prospects. It meant transforming the way they were used to doing business, but they had the vision to get it done. 

When they selected Playbooks, they had 3 criteria:

  1. Visibility: Better data to hold teams accountable 
  2. Consistency: Enforce the best behaviors at scale 
  3. Velocity: Faster and more predictable attainment

Read how Epicor deployed Playbooks and achieved 100% and 115% attainment in their first two quarters respectively.