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The Future of Sales

Dave Boyce

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Sales has changed dramatically in the last eight months.

What was previously a discipline of charisma and tact has become less focused on the art of selling and more on the science. A successful revenue organization in October 2020 is backed by a stellar tool stack and an agile operations team.

Companies that are thriving in Q4 2020 moved fast and went with the changes that the pandemic brought, they didn’t dwell on not being able to do their job right now. They, instead, focused on how to sell in this new world.

Dave Boyce (Chief Strategy Officer at XANT) walked the Modern Sales Pros community through best practices on how to make the most out of the ever-evolving discipline of sales.

Key Topics

  • You’ve got to think ‘digital first’
  • The age-old saying ‘move fast and break things’ applies more than ever
  • Your customers want a self-guided buying experience
  • You must provide value and lead with stellar content
  • Deploy a tool stack that truly supports your revenue organization