The Number 1 Mistake Reps are Making Right Now

and other tips for getting the most from your sales team

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As salespeople, we sometimes behave as if there’s a wide margin of error on what we spend our time on (even if we don’t think it). It’s easy to slip into just being busy and feel productive. COVID has exaggerated that effect.

But we still have to perform, and customers tell me the expectations are even higher because of what’s at stake. I can’t think of a better time to move away from “random acts of selling” and into intentional sales best practice behavior.

Watch the webinar to hear Michael Pedone, CEO at SalesBuzz, share tips to help anyone carrying a quota get the most from their time and their teams.

Watch to learn:

  • The number one mistake sales reps are making now, and how to fix it
  • Other common problems you can solve to accelerate revenue results
  • Sales leadership tips for getting more from your sales processes