17 Tips to Help Build, Manage, and Grow Pipeline While Working from Home

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Abstract: A lot has changed in the last week. More and more people are working from home as they are social distancing themselves to help fight the spread of COVID-19. Working from home is not easy – it’s harder to communicate with your team, harder to get visibility into what is working and what is not, and it’s much harder to be productive during the whole day. Not to mention, selling is already hard. So how do you manage yourself and your team to continue to build pipeline while you’re working from home?

Join us on Thursday, March 26, to hear from Trey McCall, Vice President of Growth at Ping Identity, and Matt Langie, CMO at XANT, as they share 17 tips on how you can be more productive in building pipeline while working from home. Trey has over 15 years of experience selling and managing a sales team remotely. During these years, he has learned a lot of useful tips that you can incorporate yourself.

Join the webinar to learn:
How to effectively manage your sales team remotely
What KPIs should you focus on
What not to do when working from home in sales
Plus we’ll share generic tips on staying productive while working from home.