Why You’re Losing Deals Others Aren’t: and how to start winning them

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Conversion rates are 8x higher within the first five minutes of expressed interest. In addition to getting there fast, a rep has a nearly 60% increase in success when they ask between 11-14 questions on their discovery call. So, why are most reps waiting longer to call and why aren’t they asking more questions? Reps are losing deals when they don’t get there fast and don’t stay in the conversation.

Join Devin Reed, Head of Content Strategy at Gong and Aaron Janmohamed, Sr Director of Content and Product Marketing at XANT this Thursday, February 25 at 10am PT for our upcoming webinar to learn why your reps are losing deals and how to enable them to win more.

Join the webinar to learn:

– How to get there first
– How to make the most impact in the discovery call
– And how to differentiate yourself from the pack

All to help you close more deals. Tune in February 25 at 10am PT to start empowering your reps.